Credit Reporting at the Base of the Pyramid: Key Issues and Success Factors. This report takes a fresh look at the state of credit reporting at the base of the pyramid. The data and analysis are drawn from IFC and CGAP market intelligence.  It examines credit bureaus, credit registries, and MFI-specific systems for exchanging client information(2011)

The Impact of microfinance on credit ratings.  It examines the effect of credit evaluations by rating agencies on the cost of funds for microfinance institutions.  (2011)

Microfinance Taking Root in the Global Capital Markets: Part 2. This report by Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services is a pilot project to establish a methodology and criteria for rating microfinance institutions.

A Global Ratings Methodology for Microfinance Institutions May Help the Industry.  Standard & Poor’s supports the need for a standardized analytical tools to develop ratings criteria for microfinance institutions.

M-CRIL Microrating International.  M-CRIL is a global leader in the financial rating of microfinance institutions and in sectoral advisory services, and manages the CRILEX India.

CRISIL (Credit Rating Information Services of India) is India’s leading ratings agency. CRISIL provides grading and risk assessments of microfinance institutions, and rates MFI’s bank facilities and securitisation transactions.

MicroRate is a rating agency dedicated to evaluating the performance and risk in microfinance institutions and microfinance funds (known as microfinance investment vehicles, or MIVs).  It has conducted over 550 ratings of 200 MFIs in Latin America, Africa, Europe and Central Asia.

Moody’s to Develop Social Performance Assessments of Microfinance Institutions.  The global credit ratings agency Moody’s to develop a quantitative, independent and globally consistent standard to measure social performance in the microfinance industry.

Microfinance Securitization: Ratings Confusion.   Two rating agencies take opposing views on microcredit securitizations in India.