Investing in Women’s Dreams –  This video highlights Pro Mujer’s financial and human development services in Argentina, Bolivia, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Peru. Clients of Pro Mujer share their stories.  Pro Mujer is a microfinance and women’s development organization.


Pro  Mujer – Peru – Highlights  women who live on a floating island in Lake Titicaca and explains the Pro Mujer model of group meetings and training classes.

Beyond a Dollar a Day – The Aymara on Lake Titicaca live in harsh climate.  Gloria borrows a microloan of $100 to start a fish farm.


Mali: Smal Loans Big Impact – Mama Coulibaly in the village of  Yebe, received a loan of 30 Euro loan which she used to buy a sack of corn that she sold at a profi.


Bangladesh: The Poverty Busters – In this tiny semi-rural village of Dholla, the microcredit project follows the classic Mohammed Yunus poverty busting model.   Dholla’s microbusinesswomen were gathered in a simple tin shed to pay the regular weekly installments on their loans. They don’t go to the bank, the bank comes to them.

Microcredits in Colombia –    On the outskirts of Bogota, Colombia, people live in small shacks , often on small plots of stolen land.  The nonprofit organization Un Techo Para Mi Pais (A Roof for My Country) offers microcredits to those with promising business ideas.

Microfinance in Kabul, Afghanistan – A DFID-funded microfinance programme, funded by the British government, has helped more than 400,000 men and women build new businesses in Afghanistan.  Women account for 60% of loan recipients.


Impromptu Fashion Show in Bosnia. Two Kiva borrowers received a loan of $1,075 each through Women for Women, International.   This is a borrower update on Hanka and Amira Avdic.


Liberia Microfinance. Improving the economic situation of women is key to peace-building efforts in Liberia following a civil war, leaving 75% of the population in extreme poverty.   

Bangladesh: The Poverty Busters. In one of the poorest countries of the world, small businesses in the semi-rural village of Dholla have benefited from the Grameen Bank’s microloan program.

War and Microfinance in Liberia.  How microfinance improves the lives of women in post-war Liberia.


Proyecto Uruguay Rural — Microcrédito rural.  In Spanish.  Campesinos de Moirones comparten sus historias, project supported by Interational Fund for Agricultural Developmet.


Fonkoze, a bank serving Haiti’s poor, used Grameen Foundation’s Progress Out of Poverty Index (PPI) to help clients recover from the devastating 2010 earthquake.