What are the realities of microfinance?   Read the interview and view the video of three microfinance experts from Yale University, who discuss new research is debunking myths about microfinance and showing how organizations can effectively address problems associated with poverty.

Matthias Adler talks about microfinance and how the economy serves peoples’ needs, not the other way round. Preseted at the TEDxRheiMainChange.  

Microfinance: Is there really a crisis?  A Webinar conducted on 4 October, 2011.  Presenters from South Africa, India, Russia, Latin America and a credit rating agency.  And results of a follow-up survey.

Mary Ellen Iskenderian, WWB President & CEO, speaks to the Carnegie Council in NYC about Ethics in Microfinance.

Islamic Banking and Microfinance. An online discussion on online Islamic finance organized by USAID’s Microlinks program.

Microfinance and Islamic Finance: The Nexus. Presents relationship between Islam and commerce.

What is Microfinance? – A brief overview of how the work of Opportunity International’s microfinance activities impact changing lives around the world.

What is Microfinance? – A discussion by Geoff Davis, President and CEO of Unitus, discusses the difference between microcredit and microfinance.

Microfinance 101: An Introduction – This video on microfinance, from Opportunity International, gives a brief overview of the system that is positively changing lives around the world

Microfinance: Does It Really Work? From Brazil to Bosnia, governments have launched massive microfinance programs, and commercial banks have entered the business. But, some critics question the evidence that microfinance makes a difference, either in developing local economies or reducing poverty.

Microfinance: Investing for Social Impact Panel discussion by various investors about investments in microfinance, including the Calvert Foundation’s explanation of social value.

Microfinance: Securing Futures in Developing Countries This video highlights the UN’s Millenium Development Goal (2005), and reports achievements by Catholic Relief Services (crs.org), Kiva (kiva.org), and the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart (Cabrini sisters).

Microfinance –Investing for Social Impact A panel discussion titled “Microfinance Funds Make a Return: Investing for Social Impact”. Panelists include Gil Crawford, General Manager of MicroVest, Roger Frank, Managing Director of Developing World Markets, and Sam Moss, President of Gray Ghost Microfinance Funds.

Social Impact Investing Maria Otero, CEO and President of Accion International, speaks about speaks about financial systems in developing countries.

Banking on Change. A bank manager with a difference — through micro loans, he’s helping villagers in rural areas (in India) develop a sense of entrepreneurship and self-respect.

Microfinance: The Example of FINCA Malawi.  Since 1994, a total of around 22,000 people in this southeast African country now use the banking services and insurance products offered by FINCA.