Job Opportunities

Employment and consulting opportunities in microfinance, both in the United States and overseas, may include positions with non-profits organizations, or investment funds, or governmental agencies.  As we identify such opportunities we will post them to the website and tweet them.  Keep checking the website frequently to learn of  job or consulting opportunities, deadlines and application instructions.

Volunteer Opportunities

A variety of opportunities exist that can engage individuals in microfinance and provide both learning and hands-on experience.  These include internships, fellowships and scholarships offered by various academic and nonprofit organizations to live, study or work abroad. Some organizations offer general volunteering opportunities that include community development, economic development and others specialize in microfinance.  Others offer country specific (Ecuador, or South Africa) experiences, and still others  are faith-based initiatives.   An interesting resource for international development jobs is Devex, a membership website, which recently posted an article highlighting how volunteering can advance one’s development career. Skilled volunteers can increase the talent base available to nonprofit organizations, and also provides another way for corporations to give back, in lieu of traditional donations.

Keep checking regularly for available internships, fellowships, scholarships and general volunteer resources. We will regularly post announcements of new opportunities in these categories here.