Note:  Job postings are derived from a variety of sources and are not independently verified by AboutMicrofinance.  When notified, job postings are listed in chronological order and/or by closing application deadline.

Pro Mujer, Officer, Foundations and Strategic Partnerships. Officer, Foundations and Strategic Partnerships. Responsible for crafting strategies to engage foundations, will be a front-line representative of Pro Mujer and will also work closely with  staff and Board members to engage relationships. Closing date: 1 November, 2015. 

Triodos Investment Management, Regional Managers Africa & South East Asia. Based in Zeist, the Netherlands. Responsible for managing a team of investment officers and commercial assistants. Apply online.  Closing date: 12 October, 2015. 


Habitat for Humanity, Associate Director, Housing Microfinance & Market Development (EMEA). Based in Pretoria, South Africa. Responsible for  influencing and implementing the current organizational strategy in order to build Habitat for Humanity’s impact in market development within EMEA. Closing date: 30 October, 2o15.

VisionFund International, Regional Grants Officer – Africa. Based in Tanzania.  Responsible for grant acquisition and management of those in Africa. Apply online.  Closing date: 12 June, 2015.

Accounting for International Development (AfID) Finance and Internal Controls Mentor Accountant. Based in Zambia.  Responsible for helping the client with accounting, internal controls, and financial reporting. Closing date: 25 June, 2015.

Micro (Microinsurance Catastrophe Risk Organization).  Based in Central America.  Responsible for working with vulnerable low-income population.  Interested candidates can send their resume to Closing date: 29 June, 2015.

Accion East, Commercial Underwriter. Based in New York City. Responsible for reviewing loan packages in a timely and accurate manner, the current workload is approximately 30-40 per month per underwriter. Apply online. Closing date:  15 June, 2015.

Blue Orchard, Investment Officer.  Based in Nairobi, Kenya. Responsible for  managing or co/managing a portfolio of clients to maintain and further develop the relationships.   Apply online   Closing date:  19 June, 2015.

Evidence for Policy Design (EPoD) at Harvard University, Research Fellow-Financial Inclusion.   The fellow will perform analysis on data from one or more research projects investigating the impact of financial inclusion in India. Apply by sending CV, short statement and referencesto:,

 Accion International, Chief Executive Officer – MFI.  Based in Yangon, Myanmar. Responsible for overall management of the institution, including providing clear leadership and direction to the institution, ensuring solid operating and financial performance. Closing date: 15 February, 2015. 

Nuru International, Education Program Specialist. Based in Zefine, Ethiopia. Responsible for carrying out the design and start-up phase of the education program’s co-created model under the guidance of the education program manager. Closing date: 15 March, 2015.

Innovations for Poverty Action, Program Director – Global Financial Inclusion. Responsible for providing leadership and strategic guidance for the current execution and future growth of organization’s research and policy work on financial inclusion internationally and in the U.S. Closing date: 31 January, 2015.

Women’s World Banking, Director – Leadership and Diversity.  Responsible for designing all aspects of the program, managing its implementation, and overseeing the monitoring and evaluation.  Closing date: 31 January, 2015.

Microfinance Investment Facility of Afghanistan (MISFA), Project Support Specialist. Based in Kabul, Afghanistan. Responsible for providing day-to-day support on various projects in areas of contract administration, project performance, and financial status updates. Send resume and cover letter to date:  26 January, 2015.

Village Enterprise, Regional Director – East Africa. Based in Uganda or Kenya. Responsible for overseeing the management, delivering, and monitoring and evaluation of organization’s microenterprise development program for FY 2015.  Closing date: 15 January, 2015. 

Omidyar Network,  Director-Impact Investing. Based in London or Mumbai.  Responsible for advancing team priorities through investments and strategic partnerships in Europe as well as in South Asia and Africa. Closing date: 30 January, 2015.

Root Capital, Senior Associate – Advisory Services. Based in Cambridge, MA. Responsible for supporting Advisory work across Latin America and Africa, including strategy formation, program and budget management, and implementation of key Advisory initiatives. Closing date: 1 January, 2015.

Kiva Microfunds, Portfolio Manager – South Asia.  Based in Bangkok, Thailand. Responsible for developing, fostering, and supporting relationships with the Kiva Field Partners within countries in South Asia. Start date:  02 February, 2015. 

Center for International Development, Harvard University, Research Fellow.  Responsible for working with Professors Erica Field and Rohini Pande at either Duke University or the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University to provide inputs at all stages of the academic research process.  Closing date: 4 March, 2015.

Boulder Institute of Microfinance,  Manager – Alumni Network. Based in the United States, Luxembourg or Chile. Be in charge of building the organization’s alumni community, and increasing its participation through organization’s online community. Closing date: 30 January, 2015.

Kiva, Associate Program Officer – Client Level Insights. Based in  Gurgaon, India Responsible for supporting the organization’s projects and programs in the social performance space, using appropriate tools and techniques, chiefly the Progress out of Poverty Index (PPI). Closing date: 5 January, 2015.

Proximity Designs, Chief Operating Officer. Based in Myanmar.   Responsible for developing strategic and operating plans, managing the branch network, and developing the capacity of branch staff  with the rapid growth of the customer base and portfolio. Closing date: 31 January, 2015.

Fonkoze,S.A.,  Senior Credit Specialist.  Based in Haiti. Responsible for championing the development and implementation of individual lending strategy. Closing date: 27 November, 2014.

Accion International, Senior Vice President Communications. Based in Boston, MA. Responsible for Accion’s overall communications and media strategy. 

Accion International, Project Associate – Disability Inclusive Finance, CFI.  Based in Mumbai.  Responsible for carrying the work of this project forward by promoting disability inclusion at more MFIs and other financial service providers in India.

Accion International, Senior Investment Officer.  Based Washington DC. Responsible for  sourcing, due deligence, negotiating, managing, and selling equity investments in MFIs globally. Apply online. Closing date: 31 October, 2014.

MIX, Manager – Reporting Solutions. Based in Washington DC or New York.  Responsible for delivering financially sustainable products, partnering with internal organization’s content. Closing date:  5 September, 2014. 

Fonkoze, Executive Manager. Based in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.  Recruiting two Executive Managers with expertise in one or more of the following areas: Administration, Finance, Human Resources and/or Information and Communications Technology (ICT). Apply via email:        Closing deadline: 30 November, 2014.

Microinsurance Network, Office Coordinator.  Based in Luxembourg.   Responsible for a variety of administrative and financial tasks as well as dealing with our members. Application deadline:  2 September, 2014.

BC Finance Limited – Chief Executive Officer.  Based in Yangon, Myanmar. Responsible for leading and managing BCF, strategic plan, and engaging with Ministry of Finance and regulatory bodies. Closing date:  15 September, 2014.

Creation Investment Capital Management, LLC – Private Equity Associate.  Based in Chicago. Responsible for identifying potential targets, performing detailed on-site due diligence and business analysis, and reviewing and analyzing data room materials. Closing date: 31 August, 2014.

Nuru International, Agriculture Program Specialist. Based in Ethiopia. Responsible for managing the agriculture program strategy and implementation of the model on the ground. Apply online.  Closing date: 31 October, 2014.

Grameen Foundation India, Program Manager – Mobile Financial Services, India.  Based in India. Responsible for directing all activities related to integration of mobile financial services, focused on the poor, in India. Contact: Closing date: 31 August, 2014.

First Microfinance Foundation- HR and Training Manager. Based in Cairo, Egypt. Responsible for managing the foundation of human resources functions to attract, recruit, retain, develop, evaluate, and compensation. Contact: Reham Hammad,  Closing date:  31 July, 2014.

Triple Jump Fund ManagementInvestment Manager – Fund in Fund InvestmentsBased in Amsterdam. Responsible for the identification, appraisal, processing and supervision of investments to intermediary funds. Closing date:  15 August, 2014.

Impact AssetsSr. Officer/Director – Marketing.  Based in San Francisco or New York. Working in the financial services marketing and social enterprise sector, in a fast-growing, entrepreneurial environment with a team of impact investing professionals. Closing date:  24 July, 2014.

Women’s World Banking, Director – Leadership and Diversity. Responsible for leading the organization’s leadership development program which focuses on enhancing capacity and talent within various developing country financial institutions serving low-income women’s needs.  Closing date: 31 July, 2014.

PlaNet Finance, Entrepreneurship Project Director.  Based in Egypt.  Responsible for providing project management and technical assistance in the MENA region. Closing date:  31 July, 2014.

 Symbiotics SA, Investment Advisor – microfinance. Based in Geneva, Switzerland.  Responsible for participating in the management of the organization’s core business investment pipeline (microfinance fixed income). Closing date: 31 July, 2014.

World Education Australia – Good Return, Program Quality Lead. Based in Melbourne, Australia. Responsible for working on a program quality framework incorporating a monitoring & evaluation system, staff capacity development (in data analysis, program monitoring and results evaluation), knowledge management, and communication of program results.  Closing date: 30 June, 2014.

One Acre FundMicrofinance Partnerships Director.  Based in Nairobi, Kenya. Responsible for leading organization’s work to help bring together other organizations with experience in agriculture microfinance.   Closing date: 31 December, 2014.  

First Microfinane Foundation, Business Development Services Coordinator. Based in Egypt. Responsible for development and implementation of the marketing, fundraising, and expansion strategies for the provision of non-financial services.  Contact: Reham Hammad  Closing date: 30 June, 2014.

Women’s World BankingDirector – Research, Monitoring and Evaluation.  Responsible for developing the research strategy, managing research projects, and guiding the monitoring and evaluation of all projects including implementation and analysis of gender performance indicators.  Closing date:  21 July, 2014

The Mango FundDirector – Women Entrepreneurs Initiative. Based in Kampala, Uganda. responsible for building a portfolio of women-owned businesses. Closing date: 30 June, 2014. 

PlanetFinance China, Director of Operations.  Based in Beijing.  Responsible for leading the organization’??s business development, strategic positioning team, administrative, and human resources functions to ensure operational effectiveness.  Interested candidates contact: Chris Mlynarski.
Closing date:  15 July, 2014.

Root Capital, Senior Associate, Financial Planning & Analysis.  Based in Cambridge, MA.  Will lead key aspects of the financial planning, analysis, and reporting functions at Root Capital. Working with the Director of Finance.  Closing date:  Immediate.

Village EnterpriseMonitoring and Evaluation Program Associate.  Based in Uganda. Responsible for   developing and assisting with implementation of organization’s monitoring and evaluation of combined microeconomic development and conservation program.  Closing date:  31 July, 2014.

Village EnterpriseImpact Study/Monitoring and Evaluation Fellow.  Based in Uganda. Responsible for leading its field-level monitoring and evaluation activities, designing, and managing innovative pilot projects.  Closing date:  31 July, 2014.

Vision Fund International, Chief Financial Officer – VisionFund Rwanda. Responsible for aspects of the director of finance duties. Closing date:  30 May, 2014.

Zidisha, Online Microfinance – Francophone Country Liaison. (Internship) Responsible for ensuring that organization’s borrowers in francophone West Africa are provided with professional customer service.  Closing date:  31 December, 2014.

Accion InternationalPrincipal Specialist – Client Education Program.  Based in Bangalore, India. Responsible for working in close coordination with the client education program manager to build organization’s client education program in India, and in select countries of South East Asia. Closing date:  1 July, 2014.

Pro Mujer, Investment Officer. Based in New York City.  Responsible for overseeing all aspects of organization’s borrowing process from origination through structuring, execution, and monitoring. Closing date:  4 July, 2014.

ProMujer, Budget Manager.  Based in New York City.  Responsible for budgeting and planning for the corporate level office of organization as well as providing leadership and input to the local finance teams. Closing date: 6 July, 2014.

PlaNet Finance, Project Manager and Researcher – MENA.  Based in Cairo, Egypt. Responsible for managing and coordinating current development projects in the youth empowerment sector, women empowerment, and MSME development. Apply online.  Closing date: 1 June, 2014.

Incofin Investment ManagementSenior Investment Officer – Agricultural Finance. Based in Bogota, Colombia. Responsible for supporting the development of a portfolio of investments in producer organizations (POs). Contact: David Dewez  Closing date: 30 May, 2014.  

Impact Management FinanceBack Office and Risk Officer. Based in Milan, Italy. Responsible for managing fund back office and relationships with service providers of the fund, risk managing responsibility,  Closing date:  30 May, 2014. 

Opportunity International – Australia, Projec10 Campaign Assistant Internship. Fundraising and engagement campaign aimed at children aged 10-14 years.  Closing date: 29 May, 2014

Blue Orchard Finance, S.A. , Associate Investment Officer.   Based in Cambodia.  Responsible for managing or co-managing a pool of clients as well as maintaining and further developing relationships with them.  Interested candidates can send their resume and cover letter Closing date:  31 May, 2014.

Micro, Central America Regional Lead – Senior Microinsurance Specialist.  Based in  Managua, Nicaragua or easily accessible to Central America.  Overall responsibility for MiCRO’s Central American expansion initative, and working closely with the Product Design, Legal & Regulatory and Business Development Directors. Start date:  April 28, 2014.
First Microfinance Foundation, Branch Manager. Based in Egypt.  Responsible for raising the economic efficiency in targeted areas, through working on growing the portfolio by spreading within the targeted areas. Contact:  Reham Ali,  Closing date: 30 April, 2014.

Nuru International, Community Economic Development Program Specialist. Based in Ethiopia. Responsible for designing and managing a new community based savings and loans program in Boreda, Ethiopia.  Closing date:  31 May, 2014.  

Grameen Foundation India, Technical Program Manager. Based in India.  Responsible for successfully managing the development of the MOTECH solution to meet the objectives of the data services project. Closing date: 15 May, 2014.  

Small Industries Development Bank of India, Theme Leader – Gender and Financial Literacy. Based in India. Responsible for providing strategic oversight on program design and delivery to ensure it meets gender equality commitments/goals. Contact:  Richa Sharma Closing date:  21 April, 2014.
Habitat for Humanity International, Wholesale Lending Manager, Philippines. Responsible for  expansion of organization’s housing microfinance and micromortgage programs in the region.  Apply online.  Closing date: 15 May, 2014.

Hope International, Chief of Staff – HOPE China. Based in Tianjin, China. Responsible for providing critical management, technical support, and capacity building to the field leadership of the organization’s microenterprise program.  Closing date:  30 June, 2014.   

Hope International, Managing Director-Hope DRC. Based in Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic Of Congo. Responsible for responsible for the overall management and leadership of the Christ-centered microfinance program. Send resume & cover letter in English to Laura Beirne, at  Closing date: April 18, 2014.

Swisscontact, Financial Services Specialist as Team Leader.  Based in Indonesia. Responsible for facilitating access to finance for the 60,000 farmers participating in the Sustainable Cocoa Production Program (SCPP). Contact:  Start date:  May, 2014.

Proximity Funding, Microfinance Program Manager. Based in the Philippines. Responsible for full operational management of the program, supported by a deputy director. Contact:  Marie Anne de Villepin Closing date: 31 March, 2014. 

Community Economic Ventures, Inc., Finance Director.  Based in the Phllippines. It is the microfinance arm of World Vision Development Foundation and part of the global network of VisionFund lnternational.  Contact: Yandy Grace Timogtimog  Closing date:  5 April, 2014. 

European Microfinance Network, Project and Research Assistant.  Based in Brussels. Beginning mid-April 2014.   Contact:  J. Ramirez

European Microfinance Network, Communication and Events Assistant.  Based in Brussels.  Part-time, beginning mid-April, 2014.

CARE International, Senior Microfinane Advisor.  Based in London, UK.  Responsible for leading the implementation of the Financial Inclusion portfolio. Apply online.  Closing date:  2 March, 2014.

Pro Mujer, Budget Manager. Based in NYC. Responsible for budgeting and planning for the corporate level office.  Interested candidates contact: Carmen L Paratori, Closing date:  7 March, 2014. 

LFS Financial Systems GmbH (LFS), Agriculatural Lending Experts.  Russia. Specialized advisers team for MSME and rural finance projects in Russia. Closing date: 28 February, 2014.