Various organizations periodically post a “Call for Expression of Interest” to provide technical assistance or other services to emerging or existing microfinance institutions.  Technical assistance may be required for a range of activities –from improving legal and institutional capacity building to spreading good practices, to capital-raising initiatives.  Consulting opportunities are also posted by a variety of organizations for specific assignments and short to medium-term durations.  Consultants can submit their profile to a variety of services, including Microfinance Gateway, Banyan Global, UNDP, Accion International, Microfinance Services Pty Ltd.,  International Finance Corporation (IFC), and CHF International.


Relief International, Microfinance Technical Consultant, Iraq. To add functionality in Delta Microfinance Suite to enable the MFI to monitor trends and better analyze portfolio status at additional levels.  Closing date: 31 August, 2012.

PlaNet Finance, Associate Consultants in Microfinance. In Colombia, to assist in the implementation of potential projects.  Interested candidates can send their resume and cover letter to Closing date: 31 August, 2012.

Women’s World Banking. Market Research Consultant. To conduct qualitative market research on a project basis for partner microfinance institutions and banks. Submission date: 20 August, 2012.

Developing World Markets, Senior Microfinance Consultant – SE Asia. To conduct a feasibility study and business planning for the establishment of an MFI in an emerging market in the Mekong region. Closing date: 24 July, 2012.

Fundacion Capital, Financial Inclusion Consultant. Dominican Republic. Closing date: 20 July, 2012. nterested candidates can send their resume and cover letter Please mention “Financial Inclusion Consultant – Proyecto Capital Dominican Republic” in the subject line.

Women’s World Banking.  RFQ Request: Project Management Support for Microfinance Products Team (English/Spanish Bilingual). Reference: JOB107. Contact: Anna Gincherman,  Position open until filled.

Microfinance Centre,  Consultants in Microfinance for short-term assignments: Globally, including Microfinance strategy, risk management, credit methodology, and product development. No deadline, ongoing.

Foundation for Sustainable Development. Microfinance and Microenterprise International Development Internships.  Positions in Argentina, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Uganda, Kenya, India.  Closing date: 31 December, 2014.

Technical Assistance under JASMINE in 2012.  The European Investment Fund will select up to 30 European non-bank microcredit providers to benefit from the technical assistance that will help to develop and improve microcredit in the European Union.  Application deadline:  15 April, 2012.

Study on Microfinance & Women in West Africa. PlanetFinance announcement is inviting expressions of interest for this study.  The researcher/academic partner will be responsible for setting the methodology of the study, collecting the data on the field, analyzing it and drafting the study.  Applications should be submitted to: Pauline Bensoussan –