Microfinance Spectrum

A plethora of information is available on microfinance topics, ranging from glossary of terms to debates on the impact of microfinance on poverty alleviation to crisis and risk management, as well as other relevant issues.  Follow those discussions and research results and learn more from experts and journalists……

Microfinance Institutions

Providing a range of services from microcredit to a full array of financial and other services, microfinance institutions today number approximately 10,000 globally and serve some 190 million clients.  While most are small nonprofit  organizations that serve local communities, others have grown into full-fledged financial services companies and even regulated banks.  Find out what constitutes a microfinance institution, how they are ranked, and what services they offer.  Read more …..

Archived Current Topics

Original research, white papers, issues and opinions posted on the homepage will be archived for ready access by visitors.  Current topics will range from debates on poverty reduction to access to financial services for the poor to a range of issues concerning microfinance financial institutions, investors, practitioners and academics.  Stay connected….