Series on the Universal Standards for Social Performance Management CGAP’s Social Performance overview sets out a set of new tools and guidance on essential practices for microfinance social performance management. (2012). 

Financing Small Enterprises: What Role for Microfinance Institutions? (2012).  CGAP’s survey of 300 MFIs in 69 countries examines their experience and role in serving small enterprises.  The survey found that 80% of MFIs surveyed, small enterprises are already part of their strategy. However, moving from microcredit to small business markets requires different capabilities (staffing, MIS, risk management tools).

Annual Report 2011. “Advancing Financial Access for the World’s Poor”.  Highlights the need for access to formal financial services and the concept of “financial inclusion” has gained prominence on the global development agenda.

Annual Report 2010. “Access to Finance for the Poor”.  Highlights benefits of microfinance, and also addresses the issues of Andhra Pradesh (India) and the SKS IPO.

Annual Report 2009.  Surveys 400 microfinance institutions, analyzing the “global financial crisis and its impact of microfinance”.

Banana Skins Reports

Microfinance Banana Skins Report: 2014. The CSFI Survey of Microfinance Risk. The report (“Facing Reality”) charts the risk of perceptions with two-thirds respondends ranking overindebtedness as their top concern. The report also notes concern for the ability of microfinance providers to meet the strategic challenges facing the industry (e.g. client management, new products and technological change).  

Insurance Banana Skins: 2013.  Top risks identified by this survey were:  regulations, fragile economic environment, guaranteed products, and business practices.

Microfinance Banana Skins Report 2012: The CSFI survey of microfinance risk.  The report highlights concerns about overindebtedness, which was ranked as a top risk by over half of participating respondents.

Microfinance Banana Skins Report 2011 : ”Losing its fairy dust” by the Centre for the Study  of Financial Innovation

Banking Banana Skins 2010“After the ‘quake”. The CSFI survey of bank risk with a focus on crisis related issues: the impact of the credit crunch on funding markets, of the recession on credit quality, tougher times on the industry’s ability to sustain its reputation for good works.

Microfinance Banana Skins Report 2009 : ”Confronting crisis and change” by the Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation

Microfinance Banana Skins Report 2008: “Risk in a booming industry”  by the Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation


Market Outlook 2012: Perspectives of Microfinance Association Leaders. Surveys 37 microfinance leaders and provides a snapshot of the rapidly transforming and heterogeneous global microfinance industry.

Microfinance Reporting Standards Initiative: Survey Results (2009). Overall participants expressed a concurrence that financial reporting standards are a priority both for the industry and for individual institutions to address.


Microfinance Barometer 2014.  This 5th edition, looks at the future of microfinance practices and actors. It looks  at how this will contribute to the post-2015 development agenda?   Outlines insights on the prospects of responsible microfinance, on the evolution of regulation, and on various stakeholder practices, both in developed and developing countries.

MicroRate – State of Microfinance Investments:  2012 MIV Survey. Microfinance investment vehicles grew by 22% in 2009 over 2008.

Microfinance Barometer 2012. Published by Convergences 2015, a think tank aims which aims at building new convergences between public, private, and solidarity-based actors to alleviate poverty. This third edition examines the global trends and key issues of the sector.

Social Performance Report (2011).  Oikocredit analyzed 500 MFIs which revealed large support for client protection.

State of the Microcredit Summit Campaign Report 2012.  This annual report focuses on client protection principles — the Smart Campaign.