A number of different options are available for students and practitioners to expand their knowledge and technical skills that focus on microfinance.  Opportunities exist to learn about sustainable development, inclusive financial systems, leadership training, social performance, and a range of tools for performing microfinance activities.  Most of of the programs are short-term in nature, while others offer certificates and courses are offered in different parts of the world.  Read more…..

Online Tutorials

For those unable to attend or travel to destinations offering in-person training, there are a number of good sources online that offer toolkits and tutorials on subjects ranging from management to client services, rural and agricultural microfinance, branchless banking, and financial products.  Read more …..


A variety of programs offer scholarships for participants in training programs in microfinance or for research on relevant microfinance programs.  Scholarships are typically offered by foundations or government agencies and they enable practitioners to cover their registration, travel or accommodation expenses.  Applications for scholarships are typically submitted with substantial lead time.  Read more……