Workshops – Seminars – Professional Training

SEEP Training in Measuring Financial Performance of Microfinance Institutions, from 4-8 June, 2012. Two workshops on standardized methods to measure and analyze financial performance and risk management.  Apply online. Registration discounts available through May 4, 2012.

Al Huda, Certified Islamic Microfinance Manager.  Online, distance-learning programs.

Announcing Professional Certificate in Microfinance at The Microfinance Association, starting in January 2012.  For additional information email: or

Boulder Institute of Microfinance – Training for Sustainable Development

CGAP – Funders of Microfinance – Developing Inclusive Financial Systems

Harvard Business School – Accion Program on Strategic Leadership for Microfinance

International Training Centre/ILO – Making Microfinance Work (various languages)

Imp-Act Consortium – courses on social performance management

Microfinance Centre for Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and Newly Independent States (NIS) – online or in-house

Microfinance Management Institute for educators, trainers and scholars

Microfinance Association (UK) – professional certificate programs

RMIT University (Australia) – Postgraduate Course in Microfinance and Development

Sanabel Microfinance Network of Arab Countries (Egypt)

School of Applied Microfinance (Kenya)

SEEP Network – Economic Recovery Workshop

Strathmore WOCCU African Management Institute (Kenya) – Microfinance  Diploma Programme

University of New Hampshire/The Carsey Institute – Sustainable Microenterprise and Development Program 

University of Pretoria (South Africa) – Centre for Inclusive Banking in Africa