There are some 1.8 billion young people in the world. Growing populations on young people, ages 12  to 24, are facing challenges relating to education, skills training, employment, economic opportunities, and post-conflict situations.  In 2010, the United Nations launched the International Year of Youth, and in 2011 promoted International Youth Day themed as “Change our World”  to reflect the notion of a global community.  Various organizations and resources have been created to address issues faced by youth, providing technical support, training, as well as microfinance and savings opportunities.  This section is devoted to highlighting initiatives and resources focused on youth.


   What’s in the News?  


Youth’s Financial Inclusion Policy Reform Study. (2012). Identifying the opportunities and challenges in demand and supply of microfinance services in Sudan; a study by the UNDP.

YouthStart Newsletter, June 2012.  10,000 youth opened a savings account in  4 months.

Case Study No. 16: First Middle Eastern Microfinance Bank Puts Youth First. (2011). In Yemen, this microfinance bank targets women and youth with microcredit, savings and insurance.

Microfinance Services for Youth in the Sub-Saharan African Region (2010). Does the Sub-Saharan microfinance industry cater to young people?


Stories from the Field