Youth savings groups, entrepreneurship and employment. This report examines the fastest growing segments of the world’s population — youth. And, the challenges of facing the creation of new jobs and starting businesses. (2014)

The Business Case for Youth Savings: A Framework.   As nearly half of the world’s population is comprised of youth under the age of 25, this paper argues that financial service providers (FSPs) should not ignore the financial needs of young people. (2014)

2012 State of the Field in Youth Economic OpportunitiesA Guide for Programming, Policymaking, and Partnership Building.

Banking on Youth:  A Guide to Developing Innovative Youth Savings Programs. This toolkit is a guide for deposit-taking institutions in any stage of youth savings program development. (2012)

Making Cents International is a dynamic social enterprise that has been increasing economic opportunities in developing countries, includes youth Enterprise & Livelihoods.

Youth Savings Consortium.  Study on Youth Savings in Developing Countries (2012)

Youth Save.  Global Youth Economic Opportunities Conference. Sept. 2012.

MasterCard Foundation.  Consortium to conduct landmark study on youth savings as a development tool  (2010).

Opportunity International.  Lists internship opportunities, Young Ambassadors for Opportunity (YAO), One Hen, and Two Dollar Challenge.

Youth Inclusive Financial Services. Offers are a range of financial products and services intentionally designed and adapted to meet the needs of youth.

Microfinance, Youth and Conflict: Emerging Lesson and Issues. A 2005 USAID study.

Fact Sheet on Girls and Young Women. (2010)  UN statistics indicate there are some 900 million girls and young women in the world; they face numerous challenges, including discrimination, violence, and lack of opportunities.


Various international resources are available for youth learning.